lundi 10 septembre 2007

Agreement found between news agencies and World Cup organisers

LONDON - International news agencies and World cup organisers finally reached an agreement over the video coverage of rugby matches on the internet. The AFP, Reuters and the Associated Press obtained the right to fully cover the event during a meeting in Paris on Monday. They were protesting against the restriction that the Rugby World Cup Limited had imposed on video coverage throughout the competition. Only three minutes of the event per day could then be broadcast by news agencies.
According to Pierre Louette, the AFP chairman, this decision "reconciles the interests of the organisers and sponsors without ignoring the needs and rights of the media."
The three news agencies, that provide the entire world with immediate results and comments, had conducted a two-day boycott which ended up just before the first match, opposing France, the host country, and Argentina, on Friday. They had then been allowed to publish 200 photographs per match.

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