vendredi 14 septembre 2007

Didier Drogba: the next Pavarotti?

French Chelsea striker Didier Drogba announced he would take part in a charity concert for African HIV and AIDS victim. But the football player from Ivory Coast will not attend the "Football reaching out for Africa concert" like any other celebrity: he is expected to sing for the event.
Though much more renowned for his talent on the pitch than in an the opera house, Didier Drogba has accepted to sing a tune. He has yet to reveal which. "It's going to be something for charity. It's going to be fantastic because the organisation - "Support for Africa" - will help us build facilities in Africa and this is something unbelievable," the player told Sky Sports channel.
Boney M, the famous 70s diso band, is expected to join the gig, held on 23 September at the Royal Albert Hall in London. The late classical singer Luciano Pavarotti sang on a number of occasions there.
A source from the venue told the Sun: "Didier Drogba has definitely agreed to sing. It shows real guts that he's prepared to do it." Desperate to regain a Premier League crown with Chelsea after losing it to Manchester United last year, Drogba might even want to try Queen's "We are the champions".

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